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Povilas Lastauskas, PhD (Cantab)
Director of Research Centre CEFER       
Research Fellow at VU
Editor at Baltic Journal of Economics         
Editor of Bank of Lithuania Working, Discussion and Occasional Paper Series                                                          


(May 2019)

4 Totoriu, 
LT - 01121 Vilnius, Lithuania

PLastauskas [at]

P.Lastauskas [at]



News Spotlight

Principal investigator of Goods and labor market reforms and economic activity within the EU (joint Polish-Lithuanian inter-governmental grant), Eur 60K (overall, Eur 200K)

Co-investigator "Reassessment of the OCA theory in the persistently heterogeneous EU", grant worth Eur 0.6 M  


3rd NBP and BoL conference in 2020 is in preparation. Call to appear soon