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science that jumps to measurement too soon is as unsound as science that ignore measurement too long. /John Rodgers

In a nutshell

What is QE? Why QE
  • Brand new BSc Quantitative Economics, the very first rigorous economics degree in the country to start in 2018
  • Developed drawing heavily from my experience at the University of Cambridge
  • Extremely selective, with a minimum entry bar almost double compared to any other Bacherlor's programme in the country, with mandatory entry interviews
  • Small intake of students, personal tutors and personal attention
  • The first and only three-year English-taught bachelor programme in Economics in the country
  • Prepares for the most demanding Master programmes world-wide
  • Combines open-access economics curriculum of the CORE Project with methods from mathematics, statistics, econometrics, and data science
  • Only research-active lecturers, trained at the world's leading universities with no equivalence in the country and in the region
  • Global Innovations to Lithuania Nomination by the Global Lithuanian Leaders
  • Rector's Annual Award for the Best New Study Program
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