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Research: International and labour economics from a macro perspective. Spatial econometrics and panel data methods. Global macroeconomic modelling. Spillovers




Supplementary Materials

Knotty Interplay Between Credit and Housing, Bank of Lithuania, 2017 (with M. Constantinescu)Bank of Lithuania Working Paper Series No 45, 2017 
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 Single Market, Joint Labour Market Reforms? Global CounterfactualsBank of Lithuania, 2017. (with J. Stakenas)  
 Revision requested at Structural Change and Economic Dynamics
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 Labour Market Institutions in Open EconomyBank of Lithuania, 2016. PDF (with J. Stakenas)  Bank of Lithuania Working Paper Series No 332016
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Openness and Structural Labour Market Reforms: Ex-Ante CounterfactualsBank of Lithuania, 2016. PDF (with J. Stakenas)    Bank of Lithuania Discussion Paper Series No 12016 

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Bilateral Capital Flows to Developing Countries at Intensive and Extensive Margins,  PDF (with C. Papageorgiou and J. D. Araujo)    

 Bank of Lithuania Working Paper Series No 37, 2016
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
Vol 49, Issue 7, Oct 2017, p. 1517–1554

Spatial Nexus in Crime and Unemployment in Times of Crisis, 2017. PDF (with E. Tatsi Cambridge Working Papers in Economics 1359Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge
University of Southern California-INET Research Paper No. 17-08 (updated)
Revision requested at Labour Economics
Global Perspective on the Structural Labour Market Reforms in EuropeBank of Lithuania and University of Cambridge, 2015. PDF (with J. Stakenas) 
New version with the updated model, input-output structure, and different weighting schemes is coming soon
Fiscal Policy and Trade Margins: An Educational ChannelUniversity of Cambridge, 2015. PDF (with R. Guadarrama-Baena) Cambridge Working Papers in Economics 1533Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, 2015





 Impact of labour market reforms on Lithuania’s economy (EN)Annex at the Lithuanian Economic Review (June 2016)
(with J. Stakėnas)
Essays on international trade, labour, and technologyUniversity of Cambridge, Cambridge: United Kingdom
PhD Manuscript, 2014