impact & public engagement

roads were made for journeys not destinations. /Confucius/

My research tackles global challenges. I am interested in policy-relevant questions, focusing on the effects of labour market interventions, dynamic aspects of international trade models, global value chains (GVCs) and their future, also economic actor adjustments to globalization shocks, and new statistical tools to evaluate policy impact, taking the dynamics aspect and a global perspective seriously.

I communicate my research through popular outlets, specializing in economics research. Some of my work was also featured in the world's major policymaking institution's publications.

  • International Monetary Fund

    • My work (w M. Comunale and J. Dainauskas) on international trade and global disruptions was featured in the IMF’s main research dissemination outlet, IMF Research Perspectives. In pages 15-18, we show that looking at how economies integrated their supply chains with trade partners in the past can help predict future trade flow adjustments, especially at a time of global crisis, but also during normal times. This finding can be helpful for policymakers in predicting, and possibly avoiding, large swings in trade when facing global events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries that are more integrated in supply chains and have more regionally diversified suppliers tend to perform better and have more stable trade flows. Therefore, building resilience through participation and geographic diversification in supply chains is a key ingredient to ensure less disruptive trade adjustments.

    • The work on the trade adjustment to global shocks has also been featured in the following public-engaging outlets:

  • European Central Bank

    • My work on monetary policy uncertainty shocks (w A. D. M. Nguyen) was featured in the most recent ECB’s monetary policy review publication. Our work in the ECB’s publication is featured in the Box 3, pages 22-23, where we describe the linkages between real (output) volatility and economic policy uncertainty as well as the transmission channels of external uncertainty into the euro area growth and inflation.

    • The work on the US monetary policy uncertainty shocks and their global impacts has also been featured in the public-engaging outlets: